How To Have Fun Locally With Your Family With A Town App

February 22, 2023
Local family fun using MyDowntown Mobile.

How To Have Fun Locally With Your Family With A Town App

No matter what town you live in, you are probably wondering what you can do with your kids on the weekends. You could let them watch hours of television or play on their X-boxes, but better than staying cooped up in the house, you may want to take them out and about in your community. It’s often challenging to find activities they’ll enjoy, especially as they grow older. However, in today’s electronic age, there’s a way to simply and easily keep your children excited about the town they live in.

A local town app, like those created by MyDowntown Mobile®, has all the information you need to reduce the stress of searching for things to do and gives you opportunities to enjoy your local community and neighborhood businesses. With the average American checking their phones 262 times a day and 88% of that time spent on an app, putting your town on the app is a great way to gather more often with the local community.

Here’s how Karen, a mother of three, spent her weekend, taking full advantage of all the app has to offer:

Saturday morning 🍩

Karen opens her town app and sees that Sweeties, the bakery in town, is having a special, a donut and hot chocolate for $0.99. She hustles the kids into the car and parks by the bakery. After she purchases four powder-jelly donuts, three hot chocolates and a coffee for herself, Karen and the kids sit outside on the benches near the seasonally decorated planters.

While the kids are munching on their donuts, Karen sees a flyer with a QR code on the street pole reminding her to check the Event listings on the app. And she’s glad she did because the local library is having a book reading this morning. What better way to encourage your children to read than by visiting the library for storytime?

The library isn’t too far away, and the morning is bright and sunny, so Karen and the kids walk down the street and around the corner to listen to the tale of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” While the kids are entertained, Karen browses the shelves to find the latest Danielle Steel book. She also sees a poster advertising a free concert in the evening at the community center. She goes into the app to get more information about the show.

Karen reads that at the concert is a fundraising event for the local soup kitchen. They are selling raffle tickets for a romantic dinner for two at her favorite restaurant. She makes a note to purchase tickets so she and her husband Jim might win the prize. Karen could buy them online through the app, but she thinks that Jim and kids would have fun at the concert.

Saturday afternoon 🍔

With storytime over and little stomachs grumbling, Karen checks the town app to see if there are any exclusive lunch deals in the area. She’s in luck because Billy’s Burgers gives free dessert to anyone with the app coupon. Karen and the kids walk down the street to the restaurant, grab a table, and soon happily eat their burgers and fries. “Don’t forget about dessert,” the kids quickly remind her because who could resist warm brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream?

After lunch, Karen and her family head back to their car. On the way, the kids delight in the snowflake stickers that decorate the shop windows. The stickers create a wintery feeling and unite the downtown area. There’s a store selling knitted hats and gloves along the way, so the family pops in to get little Janie a new scarf to match her pink coat. Amelia wants a blue hat with a big pompom on top, and Brad selects mittens, eagerly awaiting the next snowfall to make a snowman.

With the shopping complete, Karen and the kids return to the car and go home to rest a bit before the concert in the evening. But when she gets home, she realizes she forgot to pick up her mother’s prescription. Luckily, she can use the app to see where to order online, knowing she can pick the items up on her way to the concert.

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Saturday night 🍕

Karen opted in for push notifications of local events, so the reminder about the concert popped up to give them plenty of time to get to the show. She knows the kids will be hungry, and she checks the app’s “Quick Bites Directory” to see if there are any new restaurants close to the community center where the concert is. Angelo’s pizza has an exclusive online offer for two free toppings, so Karen, Jim and the kids decide to go there.

Karen plans to park near the community center, but the usual parking lot is already crowded. She opens the app to see where to park the car and finds that a nearby parking garage has opened up additional parking. With the car parked, Karen quickly picks up the prescription she ordered earlier and the family strolls over to eat their pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese. Karen uses the app to check the information about the concert to see if there will be refreshments served and for what price. She’s hoping that after a day of burgers and pizza, some healthier snacks may be available.

Good thing there is a reminder to buy a raffle ticket for the romantic dinner, and since the line might be long, Karen decides to buy the ticket online through the app. With the reminder, anyone not attending the concert can buy a ticket online before it’s too late.

The kids have a blast at the show and the family heads home. Saturday was a successful day, but Karen knows she will also need some activities for the kids on Sunday.

Sunday ⛸️

The kids are worn out from the concert on Saturday night, so they sleep late on Sunday. Karen enjoys a peaceful morning, quickly checking the app to see what the town offers. She sees a children’s skate at the local ice skating rink at 2 PM. That’s a perfect way to keep the kids entertained while they get a little exercise. She prepares pancakes for breakfast and then bundles the kids into warm clothes equipt with the new scarf, hat and mittens purchased the day before.

The local Skatium has a banner outside and posters inside encouraging everyone to remember the midnight skate held on the last Friday of every month. Karen will be reminded of the monthly event with notifications from her town app. It keeps her up-to-date with the latest information about events and activities in her town. Karen even sees the reminder for the upcoming school board meeting on Wednesday evening.

After skating is over, the family goes home to relax, have dinner and prepare for the week ahead. Karen feels it was a successful weekend. With all the information at her fingertips, she could spend time with her children doing activities they love.

Local fun with your family powered by MyDowntown Mobile®

When you are looking for local events and activities to do with your family, a local town app by MyDowntown Mobile® will keep you updated. With a directory of the neighborhood shops, information about upcoming events and reminder push notifications, you are sure not to miss out on any of the fun happening in your community. Like Karen, you can find fun things to do with your kids, places to eat, locations to visit and exclusive discounts at the local stores.

If you're still looking for more ideas for how you can use a mobile app for your town, read this to see what other towns are doing!

Being out and about in your neighborhood keeps businesses thriving. The combination of digital information, physical signage, and decorations engages the community and encourages participation.

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