The Power Of Consistency

August 17, 2021
Man touching a button on a screen.

Are you the kind of person who starts off strong but can’t find the motivation to finish with the same focused effort?

Do you find yourself beginning a massive project only to let it taper off and fade away in the background? Sometimes it seems like the things we do day-to-day don’t have a large impact on the overall picture. However, small steps have the power to help us reach bigger goals when we continue to consistently make these small actions.

Let me tell you a true story about a young woman named Angela. When she started on her book, she sat down to write every day. Often, she wouldn’t get much accomplished. Some days she would just sit at her keyboard, writing what felt like nonsense. Other days the words flowed easily.

On average she wrote between 250 and 300 words a day, not even a full-length article. One day she looked down and realized she’d written a total of 90,000 words. She was shocked! Her work added up and the first draft of her book was complete.

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Although 200-250 words a day did not seem like a lot of progress, the fact was that she consistently wrote every single day for a year, and that’s what helped her accomplish her goal. And that kind of determination is the power of consistency. Think about it: is there something you can spend a small amount of time each day working on? If yes, a year from now, what will you have accomplished?

Being consistent allows us to work our creative muscles. When you’re doing something every day, it becomes a habit that gets progressively easier. Regular practice helps us to optimize our skills over time. Consistency builds trust and helps others to believe in us, knowing that we’ll show up.

Whether it’s a weekly blog post, monthly newsletter, or follow-up calls with contractors, you can make it happen. Consistent follow-through gives you the power to accomplish great things by sticking with them – day in and day out.

Your challenge is to choose an ambitious goal that feels worthwhile, break it into manageable pieces or a regular routine, and follow through. Let us know what you choose, and how far your consistent effort takes you!