Top 5 FAQs New Jersey Town Leaders Asked About MyDowntown Mobile®

December 14, 2022
New Jersey town leaders ask about MyDowntown Mobile.

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Is Your Town Special?
  1. How does MyDowntown Mobile help my community?
  2. Where does MyDowntown Mobile pull information from?
  3. How do I decide what content to pull into my town's mobile app?
  4. Who keeps my town app updated with current data?
  5. How long will it take to launch a MyDowntown Mobile app?

New Jersey town leaders benefit from MyDowntown Mobile


Is your town special? (Of course it is!)

As a mayor, council member, or member of the Business Improvement District (BID) or Special Improvement District (SID), you want your town or city to be known in New Jersey.

There’s a good chance you wish the community and visitors knew more about what your town offers. Given your focus, what can you do to encourage the growth and visibility of your town?

During the recent New Jersey League of Municipalities conference (NJLM), many city leaders approached us as award-winning experts in branding and marketing to discover the best way to promote their community.

Looking for ways to increase foot traffic, help small businesses, and communicate municipal information, MyDowntown Mobile® is the solution to bring everything together into one indispensable app. (Learn more reasons towns use their apps in this article.)


Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions from New Jersey town and city leaders at NJLM regarding MyDowntown Mobile®:

1. How does MyDowntown Mobile® help my community?

MyDowntown Mobile® is a curated experience for residents, visitors, and businesses. The application offers consolidated and targeted information quickly and easily accessible, especially if you are on the go.

By displaying the upcoming events in your town, you stay top of mind so the community won’t forget to participate. With a single communication app, your residents will know about local businesses, current news, and promotions people can take advantage of. Read how Hainseport, Springfield and Glassboro have all benefited from MyDowntown Mobile®.

Boost your New Jersey town’s presence with an easy-to-use and innovative public-facing application.

2. Where does MyDowntown Mobile® pull information from?

To help your community get all the information in one location, the data for MyDowntown Mobile can be pulled from multiple places like your town’s current website. Your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, can also be great sources to populate the app, including relevant local Facebook groups.

You can upload business directories to give businesses more exposure and the residents easy access to their local stores. MyDowntown Mobile® can pull in community center websites, event calendars and local news, keeping residents informed of activities.

Curating data from multiple locations, you can provide a single application with organized, relevant information to the residents of your community.

3. How do I decide what content to pull into my town's mobile app?

Information can come from many places, so the first step is to decide what content should be on MyDowntown Mobile®. Working with experts following a straightforward and successful process, you’ll be guided to determine what information to use.

Phase 1 of the process is a Mobile App Readiness Consultation (MARC) to understand your town’s or business district’s goals.

With this knowledge, you get a MARC Report detailing your mobile app requirements and recommending the best options to meet your needs.

4. Who keeps my town app updated with current data?

Once you decide what data to use and populate it into MyDowntown Mobile®, you’ll want to be sure the information is kept up to date. Businesses may close, new ones may open and you want the application to have current information. Sometimes even Google isn't up to date with business closings, openings, and changing hours. MyDowntown Mobile® can do better to keep your residents and visitors informed.

You can choose from several options for updating information based on what your town needs and the resources you have available.  Some of our clients appoint a communication manager or assistant to ensure everything runs smoothly. Other towns choose to have us assist in making any updates.

Plans are available to meet your town’s needs and provide you with appropriate support as well as accurate information.

5. How long will it take to launch a MyDowntown Mobile® app?

Now that you have an idea of the content you need and where to gather it from, you might wonder how long it will take to launch a MyDowntown Mobile® app. Making sure you gather all the information and that it’s accurate takes time.

During the MARC, we can better assess how long the process could take. In addition, we provide you with a content-gathering template to help speed things along.

Depending on the type, quantity, and quality of data that you have, determines how long it will take to launch a MyDowntownMobile® app.


New Jersey town leaders benefit from MyDowntown Mobile®

MyDowntown Mobile® helps your town thrive and develop by providing residents, visitors and businesses with a single place to get information. Stay top of mind and make your town vibrant while promoting your community.

Determine the type of information that is most relevant to your town, curate it and make it easily accessible for everyone so they won’t miss events or have to call town hall to get details.

You decide what information should be available to align with your town’s or business district’s goals. Select the maintenance option that best meets your needs to keep that data up to date.

How quickly you can put your town on the "app" is determined during the first phase of the project and the process can be smooth and enjoyable with partners to guide you along the way.

To find out more details about how MyDowntownMobile® can help your New Jersey town stand out and thrive, schedule a Free 30-minute Consultation.